Works in progress (this is why we have boats, right?):

The survey indicated that the hull and deck were sound. The previous owner paid for the launch and the assurance that the MD2 Volvo Diesel would work. Before leaving the marina I performed the following maintenance and repairs:

Scraped, faired, and painted the keels.

Put in two marine batteries.

Changed the engine and reverse gear oil.

Changed the Racor filter element (with 3 spares).

Added new diesel to the drained tank.

Installed all new fresh water hoses and connected the pressurized water system.

Installed new Harken winches in the cockpit (replacing the originals).

Installed a porta-pottie in the empty head compartment.

Installed new running and steaming lights.

Refinished all the main cabin locker doors.

Connected all the electrical circuits to new fuse panels.

Installed a new windex and new spreader boots.

Installed new seals in the engine water pump and replaced the engine's fresh water intake valve that was frozen shut.

Upgrades made enroute:

Wired the VHF radio and mounted an antenna on the stern rail.

Repairs when we got to home port:

Rebedded all the plexiglass in hatch covers.

Repacked the shaft seal.

Chemically washed the sides of the forward cabin to remove old adhesive since the liner had been ripped out. Painted the interior, and carpeted (I know) the bulkhead to make the v-berth useable.

Removed and re-installed the main cabin ports to correct leaks.

To do (Any suggestions? I have to get these done before I run away to sea):

Install a dodger

Hull painting

Insulating cabins and renewing/replacing liner

Install a system for cooking (there's a hole where the oven used to be). Do I go with propane or diesel? Could I do without an oven if I install a Magma grill?


Make an ice box with at least 4" of insulation

Install cabin lighting (currently there's one light in the main cabin)

Replace knotmeter cable (or go digital for big $$$)

Install shore power? Or at least an in-line charging system

Bright ideas should be referred to the Department of Corrections