Painting the Hull




This was an adventure, and a lesson in not being in too much of a hurry. The marina wanted to launch me earlier than I knew I could be ready, so I squeezed the envelope on painting the topsides. The result was satisfactory, but just barely. Since Drinian had been painted previously, I began with an undercoat to stabilize the surface. This was followed with a finish coat. The technique of using a roller and then "tipping" with a dry brush worked well. My problem was not allowing enough drying time between coats (I exceeded the manufacturer's recommendation, but didn't allow for the poor drying conditions). The result was that in a few areas the finish "lifted" and gave a crinkled effect. If you don't look too closely, as these pictures show, it looks just fine, but next spring I will resand and add a better finish layer.


Transforming a Transom

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The magic of vinyl lettering!

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In the water for 2001!