"When is a boat considered a yacht?" The answers to this continuing discussion vary in accordance to the net worth of the owner. There are two paths of logic. One is to push the definition toward the J.P. Morgan model of "If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it!" The second runs counter and begins with the meaning of the Dutch word, "Jacht" which refers to a "non-work" boat, that is, a pleasure boat. At this end of the scale, a canoe may be the perfect yacht (especially if rigged for sailing!) What crazy answers have you heard? (add to the list)

A boat is a Yacht when:

it has a wheel.

it has a refrigerator.

it displaces more cash than water.

the love and care of it exceeds current definitions of rational behavior.

(add your favorite here!)

Here's my current definition:

A boat is a yacht when a pharmacist mate is inclued in the crew!